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Community Plan


A Community Led Plan (CLP) is a way for a community to come together to decide what they want to achieve in their area. This may include actions the community can undertake alone, and actions to address in partnership with local authorities or other agencies. A CLP is informed by the views of as many local residents as possible.

This is the second CLP created for Hail Weston (which covers the village as well as the surrounding areas which form part of Hail Weston for local government purposes.)

The 2016 Community Led Plan resulted in a number of significant improvements to Hail Weston and was generally regarded as a very successful exercise. This new plan aims to build upon that success and seeks to establish how views have changed in the past 6 years and what residents might like to see happen over the next five years.

This new CLP for 2022-2027 has been produced by volunteers.  

At long last we can publish our findings and set out your views on the future path for the village for the next half decade.

This exercise is nothing if not a fine example of teamwork and collaboration throughout Hail Weston

My thanks go to the whole steering group and the many others who have helped us along our journey.

Nick Farnden – Chairman of the Community Led Plan Committee 

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